Morgan Ingle

Vocals/Rhythm Guitar


Morgan found her voice early in life, and has been singing and performing ever since.  She grew up in a musical family learning guitar from her father and honed her skills as a gifted singer/songwriter.  She has graced soundstages all across the Midwest fronting bands and as a solo act.  Morgan signatures the Slim Gypsy Baggage Vibe with her unique voice and thoughtful lyrics, as she covers the eclectic rock, funk and soulful sounds of the band.

Cam Mammina

Lead Guitar


Cam shreds!  He has been playing guitar his whole life and plays with a soulful seasoned emotion.  Mixing crunchy indie triphop licks, blues, funk, and surf rock sustains.  Needless to say, Cam brings a energized life and a driving shreddiness  to SGBs sound that is unlike any other.

Matt Smith



Matt (RED) Smith smoothes SGB out with his more country approach to the music.  Although he has musical influences like Cash, Motown, and The Beatles, an interesting country rock vibe seems to show.  Also always complimenting with his lead and backup vocals.

Joel Gorenflo



Joel rounds out the lineup by providing the musical framework on drums.  Drawing upon his years of experience in many different genres, the self-taught drummer contributes a solid groove, dynamic fills, and tasteful musicality to the band- from swinging shuffles to driving rock.


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